Step back into time for a unique dining experience at the Union Hotel Restaurant. The hotel was constructed of hemlock logs during the heyday of the Susquehanna canal (c. 1794), and was probably a major stop for the people who journeyed up and down the river at the time. The Union Hotel Restaurant is a fine dining experience featuring a 1790's atmosphere complete with candlelight, warm hearths and food catered by servers in colonial attire.

The Tavern is the main center of events at the Union Hotel, featuring a famous biker gathering every weekend and the best local bands around. The tavern was beautifully crafted in a rustic, 1790's style, right down to the foundation— a perfect complement to the Union Hotel Restaurant. Stop by to enjoy the music, drinks, and pit beef which make the Tavern a favorite go-to spot for a good time.

Hours of Operation

THU11 AM - 9 PM5 PM
FRI11 AM - 9 PM5 PM
SAT11 AM - 9 PM11 AM
SUN12 PM - 8 PM11 AM

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